1.  Breakfast at 7.30 AM : South Indian snacks like Dosai, Idli etc., coffee/tea/milk.
  2.  Lunch at 12 Noon : Rice, Rasam, Sambar, Curry and Buttermilk.
  3.  Tea at 4.30 PM : Sweet, Khara, Coffee/tea/milk.
  4.  Supper at 8.20 PM : Rice, Rasam, Dhal/sambar/kurma, Chapati/bread, chutney, Bournavita/Badam milk.
  5. The Institution has :  A modern bakery – Bread, Biscuits, cakes, Puff and other bakery products are occasionally provided to the students.
  6.  A garden which provides fresh vegetables, fruits and coconuts.
  7.  A dairy which supplies our requirement of milk.